Delivering Smiles

Send your friends and family a surprising real selfie postcard and share your favorite holiday moments.

How does it work?

It's quick and simple

Create a memory

Make a selfie or select a photo, Choose your picture frame,

Say what you want

Type your message, to your loved ones

Pick or create the addresses

Enter the home addresses, where the Cards need to be sended to


Pay the card and we will send it worldwide (Price per card ‚ā¨2.50. (excluding stamp)

Start sharing your postcards!

App Image

Become a partner.

Get your own branded picture frame in the HolidayPost app. Together with your brand information on the back of the postcard for free. When tourists are visiting your location and making photos, how sweet would it be if these photos can be send as a postcard. Offer your visitors the change to spice their photos with a picture frame of your location.

A playful way to promote your brand

The branded illustrations makes the postcard more fun to look at

Tourist can interact with your brand after their visit

The app promotes your brand all around the globe

For more information about partnerships Contact us